"How to be a successful artist in one Lesson" Dyslexic Artist

About Me

I was that kid in the back of the class that didn't hold his hand up.

I was that kid that learnt to hide behind humour and masks.  

This was a technique I adopted out of sheer embarrassment.

Although I was creative and able to explain myself, I wasn't able to write it down correctly. 

In my head, I created my own thesaurus for alternative words that I could spell. 

I obviously didn't realise this at the time.

I used to see words move across the page. 

I was encouraged to ignore them, but now we dance along together.

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Commissioned Artwork

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I take on pencil portrait  commissions.

Prices (FRAMED)

A1 == £450

A2== £235

A3== £115

A4== £75


A1 == £380

A2== £180

A3== £95

A4== £60

Please contact me for more details.